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Same Goal, New Approach

Legends and I spent about 16 hours this past weekend working on and discussing the server. Most of what we worked on were bug ...

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Website In Progress

I am getting the website setup and some of the content plugged in. I want to setup forums so that users can start discussions ...

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New Year - Some News.

I have not yet started back working on the server, however things are starting to normalize at work. I hope to start putting i...

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Checking in

Sorry for the long delays between posts. Nothing has been worked on in a while. Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of time....

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Killglance Ring
  1. Hit Points: +100
  2. Damage Reduction: +2
  3. Spell Power: -4
  4. Primary: +1
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Server Grand Opening
12:30 CST
New Player Appreciation
12:30 CST
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